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WhyChoose Us ?


KleanOne have number of varieties and categories in household wipers, mops and brushes from fancy to simple. The range is large and getting larger as per the trends and demand of market.


Customizing for global market is one of our main concerns and we have worked and been working to serve the best customizable products to our clients. The size, material, design, we are working on everything.

Bulk Quantity

We have the biggest production facility of household brushes in Pakistan and currently having 70% market share in household brush sector in Pakistan. Now we are looking towards capturing global markets by supplying bulk quantity.

Quality Control

Quality is our biggest priority. When we say we can supply bulk quantity, at the same time we promise best quality. That is the reason we are having 70% of Pakistan market share since 2016.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is that people around the globe recognize KleanOne as synonym of household cleaning product. That’s only possible by becoming the global leader in the industry.

Our Vision

Providing the best quality at the most affordable prices is our vision.

Our Values

We value our customers as our business partners and always working for the betterment for our customers because we believe that if they grow we grow.

CorporateSocial Responsibility

There is always a big responsibility of society and environment on corporations and industries. One should also pay back to the world if they are using its resources.


KleanOne is deeply concerned about green and carbon free environment. This is the reason we almost use 70% of recycled material in our plastic products. When using this big ratio of recycled material, quality can be compromised but by using state of the art machinery and trained staff we maintain our quality just like virgin material and we proudly decrease carbon foot prints which is beneficial for both environment and society.